kLib is a Library by ATVG-Studios that extends Kotlin and Java classes. It adds functions that shall simplify the development of applications.

Information about kLib

  • License: MPL2.0
  • Created: April 2019
  • Repository: atvg-studios/kLib
  • Homepage: klib.atvg-studios.com
  • Docs: (found on Homepage)
  • Language: Kotlin
    • kLib 5.3.0 uses Kotlin 1.4.10
    • kLib 6.0.0-dev uses Kotlin 1.5.0
    • (updated information on Homepage)
  • Platform: JVM

Why the name?
Its a Kotlin Library (kLib; cammelCase).

Doesnt the name conflict with Kotlin/Native klib?
It may, but we dont think its a huge problem because we only target JVM and the casing is different. Besides klib is a file extension. kLib is a JAR contained Library.

Important Historical Information

Version 0.1.0 to 2.1.1 where licensed under MIT.
Version 3.0.0 to 5.1.0 where licensed under OSPL20.
Version 5.1.0 to latest are licensed under MPL2.0.

In case you fund bugs, or want to contribute otherwise please feel free to do so!