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BillStar is an Android app that allows you to scan, store and view RKSV (Registrierkassensicherheitsverordnung) Data.

RKSV is an Austrian Law that requires a QR Code or URL on bills.
Those contain information like Bill ID, Datetime, Amounts grouped per tax rate and other metadata.

The Bill data is stored locally on your device.

The App is available on the HUAWEI AppGallery and is closed source.

Here are Privacy Policy and EULA.

If you want to watch overall development, vote on new features, request new features or report bugs, you can visit our Issue tracker here.

Project Pause

Due to time constraints, active development of BillStar has stopped and will not be recontinued until Spring 2022.

The App, as downloaded from Huawei AppGallery, can and will still be usable now and in the future. Its usage will NOT be restricted

The Project is goaled to be rewritten using Flutter and after that launch on Huawei AppGallery, Amazon AppStore, Google Play and when possible Apple AppStore.

Please note that thanks to free developer signups the App will launch with Huawei and Amazon first.

Also note that the new App and the old will be installable side-by-side, this will not be restricted. On the same note, migration to the new App will only be possible through CSV Export and Import.