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You might know that we do a lot for free. We provide free services, we develop free software. We put a lot of money into the things we do.

We hope that you got some spare money and can support us. We will keep putting money into our work, and we hope that we can get some help from people how love our work.

  • Paypal:
  • Patreon: atjontv
  • GitHub Sponsors: atjontv
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  • Basically every page of us, it most likely is in the Brave Rewards program :D
  • Cryptocurrencies (see below)
  • Interledger: $

Paypal note: The donation on paypal will be rejected [you get your money back] if the fees are as high as the donation, so it's on the point where it's not worth it. We reject these donations to not feed money into the void (aka PayPal Fees).

We thank everyone for any donation! You guys keep us alive, and make the work we do possible.


We do accept all Ethereum based Tokens that Uphold trades.

If it is possible we would prefer Unviersal Euro, as it has a stable Euro value. Yet it is your choice what you use!

Ethereum Network using UpholdETH + Tokens0x0D814bb6D28BabDfd6729582C5799a3e3b6BaD31-
Universal EuroUPEUR0x0D814bb6D28BabDfd6729582C5799a3e3b6BaD31-
Universal US DollarUPUSD0x0D814bb6D28BabDfd6729582C5799a3e3b6BaD31-

We can accept more Cryptocurrencies, namely all that both Uphold and Coinbase trade. To get our address for the currency of your choice, please simply contact us via Email.