Who are we?

ATVG-Studios is a software development and cyber security group from Austria.

Whilst we are not a company and not selling any products, services or software. We do provide them for free in the form of Open-Source software or publicly usable servers.
We are also not supported by any Company. We are self-sponsered through our day-to-day-jobs.

Because of this financing situation, we were thankful that we received Support by JetBrains through their Open Source License option!
(Though In January 2022 we decided to start to pay for full licenses. This decition was made because we want to make Closed-Source software too.)
Anyways! We enjoy using their Products and recommend any programmer to take a look them!

We also love all the Open Source Projects that are around of us or used by us.
Including: Linux, Gitlab, Kubernetes, Docker, KDE Plasma, Vaultwarden, Sentry, Matrix (Synapse and Element), Grav, Grafana Stack and MANY more of them!

What are we doing?

We are developing Open-Source software, licensed under the MPL 2.0 with a little bit of MIT.

All software we make today is made because we need it and could not find a existing solution to our problems on the free Market (Github or Gitlab).

Whats in the future?

We are currently searching for the best ways to go forward.

Recently (at the start of 2022) we replaced our Matomo with a in-house solution to ensure all collected data can state private.

Our next goal is either to break grounds on a BaaS (Backend as a Service) system, basically rewriting Firebase from scratch in our own Style.
Or to begin building new Android Apps with the latest Standards of app development.